So What Are We?

I recently connected with a high school of mine and we shared common interests from food to life choices. We’re friends but I want to ask him what exactly are we doing without complicating things between us.

I’ve been through things in life that have me scared to open up and let my guard down when it comes to guys. I’m comfortable with him but I also want to be my true self.

One thought on “So What Are We?

  1. If there wasn’t much time from when you’s two rekindled I would give it some time let him come out and express himself when you two are out on an outing or having personal time with each other but you may not want to come out and say what’s going on between us because that could be a bit of a scare however he will if he’s a consistent person will show you that he wants more eventually he will hint and that’s your green light for clarification

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