2 thoughts on “Masturbation Shame

  1. Our conscience is shaped by our beliefs. Your shame is probably motivated by your beliefs of that masturbation is wrong or shouldn’t be done (did you grow up in a religious household?). You have to expand your worldview. The best way to do this is to become more educated about it. Ignorance often breeds fear and other negative emotions. There are some great scientific websites out there that can help change your beliefs about it. Try doing a quick google search “is masturbation ok”. Plannedparenthood, healthline, and webmd all have good articles about how it’s a safe and natural sexual practice.


  2. Hi,
    I used to have the same problem as you. I’m a pretty sexual being but something about masturbation felt wrong. But I was on a journey to finally know what is an orgasm and I wanted to have my first one by myself so I worked on why I couldn’t mastubate. As the first comment said “Your shame is probably motivated by your beliefs of that masturbation is wrong or shouldn’t be done”. So what I did is: listening or watching to more sex related content ( podcasts, YouTube videos, websites…) not porn but actual people talking about their struggles and sexuality. I really liked the ‘ How cum’ podcast. Listening to all this peoble talking openly about sex and masturbation makes it more and more a natural thing to hear about, talk about and eventually do.
    What I also did is actually see a therapist. I started seeing the therapist after month of listening to the podcast. Because at first I felt weird talking about sex to a stranger but really .. listening to that kind of podcasts made me subconsciously open to finally talk about it to someone and seek help.
    So yeah this is what I did and it really helped I can finally masturbate without feeling weird or guilty or shameful.
    What I also want to add is: you don’t have to masturbate… after trying it and working on your mental health and why you feel that way while doing it you might find out that it’s just not your thing. And that’s totally okay, everyone is different, you don’t have to do something just because it seems like everybody is doing it ^^ i wish the best for you!
    Ps: I’m French so excuse me if I did some mistakes.


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