Can’t Stay Wet

Alright I just feel I need to give a little background on my question. I started using contraceptives at a vital point during puberty, at the age of 17. The problem was I would go on my period for maybe 3 “normal” days and then spot for 2 days. I told my mom this and it worried her and we went to a Dr and prescribed depo. I don’t know why exactly. So I wouldn’t be on my period for 3 months and around then I started having sex. I would get orgasms, but I also didn’t get wet (I used lube). So eventually I got off that contraceptive after a year and moved to the pill, then stopped all together. At age 23 I fell pregnant twice and had an abortion both times.

Two different Dr’s, I felt like I couldn’t go back to my first one because he might judge me. The second abortion was the most brutal thing ever, I bleed for 2 weeks at least. Horrible cramps. Just a horror movie. So after that I always felt like my libido took a dive and I don’t get as wet as I used prior the second abortion. The desire is always there, but down there feels like a different world. Even after my second orgasm I get dry pretty quickly, it’s frustrating for me. Yes, I do use lube, but I want copious amounts of it and my partner’s are just not into that. Lol! Yeah, I need help with increasing my libido and increasing moisture down there.

One thought on “Can’t Stay Wet

  1. This a common issue women have and as much as you’ve already tried to address things with your doctor, I think it’s worth getting another exam. Other things to consider is this may be a side effect of using condoms or your diet. Drink more water, cut out sugary drinks.

    There may also be mental health factors involved or you may just not be fully aroused by your partner. It’s unlikely the abortions played any roll in your physical ability to get moist but there might be emotional trauma around sex for you now from having went through that experience twice. I would suggest abstaining for a while and speak to your doctor or a counselor to get to the root of the problem.


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