Can’t Stop Cheating

HELP! OMG what’s wrong with me!? I have a man who I really do love and have been with him for years. However, sometimes I sneak and geek with one of my toxic exs like a oil change every couple of months but I feel bad cause my man don’t deserve that. So I invested in sex toys recently but my man is now upset about it is something wrong with me?

I crave the attention of other men and I want to be fucked by different guys. Not at once but I desire MEN and flirt every chance I get. I have my own man who wants to get married and have kids with me, what am I doing?? I don’t want him to leave and be with nobody else but I also feel as though I need to get through my hoe phase ughhhh

4 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Cheating

  1. I’ve been in a very similar situation with my ex. We had been together for 3 years and before we started dating I was in the grip of my hoe phase.
    I cheated twice during those 3 years and hated myself for it.
    At the end I tried to communicate it to him that monogamy was becoming more and more difficult for me. I requested that we opened the relationship, he was not down for that shit. Lol. He said that he wouldn’t be comfortable sharing me with other people and he would not value me as much if that happened. And he asked me if I had already had someone in mind. I lied.
    Eventually I left him for other reasons, but one thing I noticed why I stayed when I was clearly not happy anymore is because of all those promises and years, “3 years, my family knows him, he wants to marry me, he’s very attractive and intelligent etc.” Attachment to an unknown future.
    The decision rests with you at the end of the day. 1.Stay and hoe around or 2. stay and ask him to open up a bit more sexually for the survival of the r/ship or 3. leave and hoe out with no worries.

    I’m fairly young, so I am also just trying to make sense of it all still, but what keeps on being reiterated to me from different people is now, when I am still young, is the optimal time to explore. (Not to say a hoe phase has a cut off age, any age is fine in my opinion.) Still struggling a bit though, Haha.
    Goodluck to you though sis

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  2. Nothing wrong with what you are doing just need to be honest with him and yourself on what you like. Life is short so move accordingly, you may be surprise on what life / happiness you find with living your truth

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  3. More and more women are discovering that they are just non-monogamous and that’s perfectly okay. What’s not okay, is being deceptive or hurting someone due to lack of self control. Full disclosure about your lifestyle may turn people off but its better wait and deal with someone who truly accepts you for you. Be honest, vocal and transparent going forward.

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