Trading Places

Dear Boudoir Diary, You would think that after five years of great sex with my partner that we’d have each other figured out by now, but recently he told me that he likes a bit of aggression in bed and that’s why our sex life has been stagnant.

Now that’s fine, but I have no idea where to start or how to make that move because I’ve always been a sub in the bedroom. Can you help point me in the right direction so that I can finally show him that I can switch it up?

One thought on “Trading Places

  1. Trading places from a sub to a dom may not be a easy transition. Most men simply mean they want you to initiate sex instead of actually being a true dom. If he truly means he wants to be a sub for a change, I suggest drawing from the things you enjoy from him being dominant with you. Plan a romantic evening, order some new lingerie (, and get him started off with a random BJ. Vocalizing commands is great technique, like telling him to be quiet or louder when moaning or instructing him not to touch you. Soft slaps or a hand around the neck can also kick it up another notch. Don’t be afraid to watch a few porn videos for more ideas. Just be confident and assertive with whatever it is you experiment with.


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