Don’t Rush Challenge

Hey Boudoir, I’m about to be 22, in college about to graduate and never had a boyfriend or sex before. It makes me slight nervous because it seems to be what alot of people my age is concerned about. But what advice do you have about my situation or for me when I do get a boyfriend and become intimate. Thank you

6 thoughts on “Don’t Rush Challenge

  1. Like the title says, DON’T RUSH. 22 is still very young and you have so many other things going for you. Once you start having sex and focusing on a relationship, it’s easy to lose sight of your personal and professional goals. While it may seem like your peers are fully invested in dating and relationships, it doesn’t to be the same for you if you’re not quite ready. When you meet someone worth while, things will fall into place and it won’t feel like pressure anymore.


  2. Don’t let what others are doing pressure you into anything. Whenever you do get a boyfriend I will say make it clear that you are a virgin so they know what they dealing with. Your virginity is a one time prize so make sure the choice is yours alone


  3. You are still young, and as someone who is also in their 20s, it’s not something you should feel nervous about. Sex comes with complications if it’s not with the right person, as do relationships. When you do however find the right person, make sure you are comfortable and ready, and you and your partner have that open communication. Make sure you know what you like and are familiar with things such as STIs, birth control (if that’s something you feel comfortable taking), and things of that nature. Any questions you have about sex, ask your gynecologist (if you have one or if you haven’t already). Like the others said, there’s no pressure, it’ll come at the right time.


  4. No one has commented yet that this was their experience: so I will. 🙂 I had a great time in high school, I was never focused on getting a boyfriend/relationship and was really focussed on myself. but anxiety over my perceived “inexperience” made me self conscious in university, but I never really actively perused a relationship. In my final year of uni, I ended up (by chance) finally finding my guy, and tbh I couldn’t be happier that I didn’t waste my time earlier. I wondered if I was too cold or not pretty… but no, the perfect time for finding your partner will come and it doesn’t have to be in university (even though movies tell you it does -_-). I wish I hadn’t been so self conscious about this now!! It really made no difference to my current relationship 🙂 Enjoy the single 20s life and make sure you get a group of girlfriends to go on dates with instead!!!


  5. Do what feels right for you. I lost my virginity when I was 26. I didn’t date or anything. I knew I wasn’t ready. My first time was terrible lol. Tbh I wasn’t ready to have sex. For me I hope that I’ll find someone who is patient with me and understanding. If not then oh well NEXT!


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