Booty Sweat Problems

Most of the time during sex I notice I can get somewhat sweaty between my rear, even a little while after a shower. I wouldn’t say it smells bad, but i think its unpleasant. It’s so embarrassing to smell like sweat back there and notice after having sex. My boyfriend hasn’t mentioned it, maybe to spare my feelings.

But I don’t want him to think I have poor hygiene, that’s not the case. Even though we only have vaginal intercourse if I can notice the smell I’m sure he can too when we do other positions. Any suggestions?? I really don’t want him to think I’m a girl with poor hygiene.

4 thoughts on “Booty Sweat Problems

  1. My suggestion would be is to have a conversation with your partner about it, open up to him and see how he feels if it is a major concern. Sweat during sex is normal, or anytime of day is normal as well as long as you’re keeping yourself clean!

    Using a light powder (baby powder) or a fragrant body powder between the buttocks should work to keep down there clean, fresh and dry. I hope this helps!


  2. Sweating during sex is normal. And it’s quite possible that your partner isn’t offended by any smells during the act because they could likely be coming from him as well. I would suggest maintaining good hygiene and maybe even changing your diet if you’re deeply concerned. If you’re experiencing any unusual vaginal odors, however, that could be an indication of infection. You should consult your doctor if there is any urgent concerns.


  3. I started to use Crystal deodorant under my boobs and it helps. Haven’t used it in my crack but maybe it would work on the upper part. Just dont go to low because it’s made of salt and will burn if you go to low lol I dont use it for regular deodorant personally because it’s not strong enough but it had help my boobs smell better! Again just dont go to close to any openings!

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  4. As annoying as the routine may be rinse off before you have sex and if you’re open to it ask him about it because your insecurities will show in other places if you keep thinking and not talking to him.

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