Sleepy Sex Situation

Hello Madam, I was hoping to get some clarity on a specific topic that has been getting me down. I’m involved with a man and it’s only been a few months and sexually I’m a bit frustrated. Every other way he is a gentleman he has his moods like we all do but he handles himself well. Sexually we fall short.

He thinks I don’t cum fast enough and I think he cums too fast. This particular event that brought me to you, not as short as the previous moments but within the 15 mins of us rolling around when it was my turn he fell asleep, still erect but drifting off.. this is not the first time it’s happened to me and I’ve wondered if I was the problem. For back story purposes I have had several visits to the gyno just to check for odor ANYTHING, from what I’ve been thru medically I’m clean. Now how do I not feel insecure and disappointed when a man falls asleep under me with no explanation? He’s asleep and I’m awake literally experiencing the worse cramping from almost reaching a climax and then poof nothing. I know what you’re gunna say why didn’t you finish if it was still hard, because madam it felt like I was raping him and I hold my sex to such a high regard it’s insulting for someone to fall asleep.. at least I’m trying to tell myself it’s normal so I don’t feel like shit, help 😦

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