Can’t Stay Wet

Alright I just feel I need to give a little background on my question. I started using contraceptives at a vital point during puberty, at the age of 17. The problem was I would go on my period for maybe 3 “normal” days and then spot for 2 days. I told my mom this and it worried her and we went to a Dr and prescribed depo. I don’t know why exactly. So I wouldn’t be on my period for 3 months and around then I started having sex. I would get orgasms, but I also didn’t get wet (I used lube). So eventually I got off that contraceptive after a year and moved to the pill, then stopped all together. At age 23 I fell pregnant twice and had an abortion both times.

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A RelationSHIT!

Dear Boudoir Diary, I’m in a complicated shit show of a relationshit. I have been falling more and more out of love with this man for months. He is a beautiful black man, single dad, very active in his daughter life, but he is a liar and I’m so tired of forgiving him for the lies and I’m so tired of his games. We got together a few months ago in September. I asked him about his last relationship (he was married to the mother of his child and then they separated when she decided to leave him after about 2 years of marriage.) When we began the relationship they were still waiting for the divorce to finalize which just happened a few weeks ago in January. I asked him was there any chance of them getting back together or still having feelings for each other and he got very angry by the question and said he hated her. Red flag.

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