Love Stories

The One Night Stand

Sharita grabbed my hand tightly and dragged me through the crowd towards the plush, red velvet ropes. We were headed towards a table reserved for bottle service. Our presence had been requested by some guys we met our first night in Vegas. The entire trip thus far felt like a blur of intoxication. And yet, I was still struggling to break out of my shell. Sharita on the other hand was the social butterfly of our duo and I followed her lead the best I could. 

We joined the group of five guys. They were already entertaining a few other ladies in the corner of the posh lounge. Lil Uzi Vert blared over the deafening speakers as I adjusted my faux leather mini dress and approached the one guy I “picked” a few days ago. He smiled and scooted over on the white leather couch so I could sit next to him.

“I love that dress on you!” he shouted directly into my ear while running his hand from my knee cap to my upper thigh. He paused at the hem of my dress. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and then gush back down between my legs as his hand lingered on my thigh. Brandon, I thought to myself, I think his name is Brandon. Anyways, Brandon, if you keep touching me like this and I’m going to fuck you tonight!” 

Before I could utter any thoughts aloud, three bottle girls came sashaying towards us with sparklers attached to bottles of Hennessy, D’Usse, and Ciroc. Moments later we were all pouring up, driving the boat and standing on couches having a great time. The liquor flowed through me. I pushed Brandon down on the seat in our section and positioned myself with my ass on his lap. He held my waist and guided my hips round and round between his legs as I grinded methodically to the rhythm. I could feel his bulge growing and internally squealed. Yes! Fuck yes! That thing feels HUGE! I’m fucking the shit out of him tonight.

The party was beginning to reach its peak; all the hot songs were playing, almost everyone was fully intoxicated and dancing. Brandon slid his hand up my chest. He confidently moved past my breasts. He placed his hand firmly around my neck from behind and nudged my head slightly so I could turn to kiss him. His lips were soft and supple as he gently tongued me down, a stark contrast to the firm grip he still had on my throat. Not to be outdone, I continued to grind my hips onto his lap and then reached down to stroke the hardened bulge underneath me. 

With that, he stood up abruptly almost toppling me over the table in front of us. He grabbed me by my hips to help me regain my balance and then took my hand leading me towards the exit. I looked back behind me and made eye contact with Sharita, sending her that non-verbal message I’m about to get fucked silly upstairs in his suite. See you later girl. She waved her approval and we disappeared into the crowd.

We hastily made our way through the party and caught an elevator which led to the hotel rooms above the club. We got lucky to enter an empty elevator and Ben?…No… Brian. Brian took the opportunity to slide me into a corner and slip his tongue into my mouth again. I could hear the elevator door ping behind us as we went up several floors. He didn’t pull his lips off from mine until we heard the door open behind us. Taking my hand again, he escorted me down the hallway to his room door. He allowed me to enter first and flipped the light that dimly lit the path to the bed. 

I intended to climb into the middle of the bed and undress myself seductively but I didn’t make it that far. My left knee was on the side of the bed when I felt Ben’s hands around my waist again. He lifted my skirt just above my navel and placed one hand around my throat as he had done earlier in VIP. I braced myself, expecting him to penetrate at any moment. Instead, he moved his free hand down between my legs sliding his pointer and middle fingers back and forth between the crevices. I moistened instantly and moaned softly as he massaged my clitoris more intensely.

“You ready?” He whispered into my ear, still fondling me. “I won’t put it in until you tell me yes.” I moaned a response instead, still pulsating mid orgasm. “Say it!” he demanded again. “Tell me you want me to fuck you silly.” I could hardly catch my breath as he rubbed me even faster, suddenly releasing juices all over his hands and fingers.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Please give it to me,” I uttered breathlessly, squirming under his touch.  He pushed me forward just then, entering my soaking wet hole from behind. After coming again almost immediately from penetration, he flipped me over on my back. While still standing at the edge of the bed, fully dressed with only his pants lowered to his knees, he propped my legs over his shoulders and went at it again. Three orgasms later, he began grunting and breathing heavily as he pounded his meat into me. 

“Where do you want it?” He asked. I answered by pulling the top of my dress down enough to fully expose my breasts. He groaned loudly as he pulled his dick out of me. I quickly dropped down to my knees in front of him and he spewed the cum across my breasts as instructed. Watching the warm fluid slide down my chest and into my belly button, I thought to myself: Damn I’m so lucky he never asked me to say his name.