Love Stories

The Desperate Housewife

“Babe I’m sorry, they need me to speak at the final conference in the morning, so I have to delay my flight back home another day,” Jamel confessed on our FaceTime call. He has been on a business trip all week and I had been asking every day if he would be home as scheduled. This was all too familiar though. A three day trip always turned into four. A five day trip often turned into seven. I stopped complaining long ago and learned to expect a dozen roses and a new designer bag when he finally made it home. 

I feigned disappointment as usual and awaited the shipment tracking email for my apology gift.  Once we disconnected, I sent a text to Miguel to confirm that I’d be available in the evening. “Babe, this is short notice,” he responded. “Valerie is gonna ask questions.”

“Wow you too? Everyone is just disappointing me today. I really don’t want to be alone tonight,” I sighed while typing back. 

“I’ll figure it out. Be there at 9. Chardonnay?” 

“Yes babe”. 

I had a few hours to prepare and decided to get a Brazilian wax to kill time. Once I was finished there, I grabbed take-out from my favorite Jamaican cook shop and headed home. 

Miguel texted me that he’d be arriving sooner than expected. Whatever excuse he had given his wife, she wouldn’t be expecting him until the morning. I didn’t ask what excuse he gave because I didn’t care. I was just happy this meant I could enjoy ROUNDS tonight. I almost squealed with excitement because we rarely got to have sleepovers. 

I saw the headlights beam into our driveway and I opened the front door in my white silk robe. Miguel wasted no time.  He immediately grabbed me by the waist and tongued me down before the door could even swing shut. He smoothly sat the bottle of wine on the end table by the entryway and untied my robe. My eyes were closed as he backed me into the living room area and lifted me onto the arm of the sofa. He knows the layout of this apartment like he lives here, I thought to myself. 

I braced myself as my robe slipped away exposing my freshly waxed, well-oiled naked body. Miguel grinned slyly as he pushed my legs back to my ears. He buried his face between my legs. He always liked to devour me like he was starving. His specialty. 

He licked me up softly and sensually at first, tracing his tongue from the base of my clitoris and then sliding it up in methodic, steady motion. The more I clutched his head and moaned in ecstasy, the faster and stronger his tongue strokes became. 

I lost all balance and composure, feeling the blood rush to my head as I slipped back onto the couch. My bottom half was propped up 180° in the air now. Miguel stood fully upright, holding my waist up to his face. I squirmed and thrusted my hips against vigorously, until I erupted. My body slithered back onto the couch leaving a wet trail behind. I hoped that dries by morning, I thought to myself.

Collapsed on the couch, I finally got a chance to look at him fully. His beard dripped with my milky fluids and I watched as he attempted to wipe it away unsuccessfully. Watching him get fully undressed, I thought of Jamel briefly. He was probably balls deep in his “work wife” by now too. With that imagery, any remorse I may have felt dissipated. 

“Come here!” I demanded while patting my vulva, directing him exactly where to enter. Miguel, asserting his dominance, instead flipped me over and shoved my face into the seat cushion before entering me doggy style. He slid in slowly, letting out a slight moan. Then, he drilled and dug in rhythmically, until we both came.This time his cum mixed with mine leaving an even larger wet spot on the couch. 
I collapsed exactly where I laid after orgasming with my eyes closed. I heard his footsteps retreat and return moments later. I heard the cork pop from the wine bottle and then Miguel handed me a glass as I sat up. I took a huge gulp and reached for his hand to sit next to me. Instead, he pulled me up from the couch and started leading me towards the stairs. We had never done it in the bedroom before, I thought and almost hesitated. But, he nudged at my arm propelling me further into the space I had only shared intimately with my husband. I reached for the bottle of Chardonnay he was holding and took the bottle to my head before closing the bedroom door behind us.