The Boudoir

Sleepy Sex Situation

Hello Madam, I was hoping to get some clarity on a specific topic that has been getting me down. I’m involved with a man and it’s only been a few months and sexually I’m a bit frustrated. Every other way he is a gentleman he has his moods like we all do but he handles himself well. Sexually we fall short.

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The First Heartbreak

Hey, I have been with this guy since I was 17. We grew up together pretty much taking a step from being in High School into College and Society itself. We did take things a little fast but that was the best part about it, every decision we made was in an instant in full trust that if we are together, it’s going to magically happen. We moved out together at 18, had respectable jobs and maintained a steady GPA as well by attending classes in the morning.

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No Action Since January

I haven’t had any action since January/ February and me and the bae have been a little rocky wherein he’s an essential worker so i assume he would be frustrated at times. But all of a sudden one day he just stopped replying to my calls and messages. And honestly I have no clue what to do tbh. I’ve stopped calling but I’m sexually frustrated.

Don’t Rush Challenge

Hey Boudoir, I’m about to be 22, in college about to graduate and never had a boyfriend or sex before. It makes me slight nervous because it seems to be what alot of people my age is concerned about. But what advice do you have about my situation or for me when I do get a boyfriend and become intimate. Thank you