Interracial Fuckery

Dear Boudoir, I would like your take on dating outside of your race. Even though I have never dated or been in a relationship, I feel conflicted about dating outside of my race. I’m a dark skin black girl. I’m pro-black…

And I’m open to dating outside of my race, although I can help but remember other black people saying that being open to dating outside of my race meant that I was not pro-black, and instead that would be viewed as “being a traitor” because being “pro-black” meant that everything in my life should be black related. If you ever see this, I don’t really know how to navigate that. P.S I don’t know if it matters but I’m 18.

2 thoughts on “Interracial Fuckery

  1. Dating outside the race as in Asian? Latino? Middle Eastern? Or going all the way to the other side…Caucasian? I need her to clarify that part.
    Since she’s 18, I would say try it. Have open communication with that person. Don’t go into the relationship with thoughts of, “oh this race is going to treat me better” or “my skin complexion is going to make them change their mind”. Society has messed up our black women minds of thinking.
    Just be positive, be prepared to have people reject you. Be open to communication as to why you want to date outside your race.


  2. It’s cool, as long as the 1 she’s considering is open-minded & willing to learn about her experiences.

    Also, make sure that your intentions, AND theirs, are pure. No 1 wants or deserves to feel like they were only chosen as an experiment (just to say they’ve dated a Black girl) & NOT for the unique individual they are


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